We are Doppel

The bridge between the physical and the virtual world.

What is Doppel?

At Doppel we develop integrated digital and physical solutions for Cultural Heritage, with a strong focus on 3D Digitalization and interactive digital environments with a team of specialized professionals with a background in Archeology and Heritage, Digital Media and Graphic Design that offers an innovative aproach for Heritage dissemination and education


Consulting and services.

3D Surveys

Photogrammetry and laser scanning.

Virtual reconstruction

3D modeling and animation.

Interactive applications

Web, mobile and augmented reality.

Virtual reality

Immersive VR environments.


Some of our Projects.


Beja Monumental

Virtual reconstruction of monuments of the city of Beja, Portugal, through 3D modeling and 3D animation. Immersive and interactive VR experiences.

  • Virtual recreation.
  • 3D animation and modeling.
  • VR experiences.

Historical monuments and virtual reconstruction

Digital recording of monuments and historical sites with the use of laser scanning. Digital recreation using 3D modeling and 3D animation.

  • Laser scanning and Photogrammetry.
  • Virtual recreation.
  • 3D animation and modeling.

Monastery of Batalha

Virtual recreation of the original polychromy on painted surfaces and interactive VR experiences. Recreation of the medieval colours at Batalha.

  • 3D survey.
  • Virtual recreation.
  • VR experiences.

Regional museum of Beja

Architectural survey of buildings and monuments using laser scanning and digital photogrammetry to deliver plans, sections, orthophotographs and precise 3D models with photorealistic textures.

  • Laser scanning and Photogrammetry.
  • 3D survey.
  • Virtual recreation.
  • 3D modeling.

Roman villa of Pisões

Mobile application, using Augmented reality to enhance the exploration of the archeological site.

  • Mobile application.
  • Augmented reality.

Arqueologia in progress

Web applications with virtual environments.

  • Web application.
  • Virtual recreation.